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Captain Chaka Khan and the crew of the KSS Hoodoo uncover secrets that could reshape the galaxy. 


Journey into a mirrorverse where the descendants of Khan Noonien Singh’s augments defend the stars as the United Socialist Khanate.

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About Dark Trek


Dark Trek blends traditional Star Trek with an Afro-futuristic lens that centers black and brown voices in a genre that too often ignores or marginalizes them. 


Podcast episodes are adaptions of live TTRPG sessions based on Star Trek Adventures by Modiphius Entertainment. 


The KSS Hoodoo

Meet the daring, and occasionally reckless, crew of the KSS Hoodoo, an intelligence vessel newly commissioned by Chairman Sisqo himself. 



Soong-Type Hologram



Soong-Type Hologram

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Produced by Kiriyo Studios

Image by Annie Spratt

Our Creative Philosphy

Empowering Diverse Voices

We cut down the cost and risk of production and creation so that creators who don’t typically have access to studios can develop and produce their stories.

Virtual Studio Production

We revolutionize series production with a studio-in-a-box concept, leveraging emergent technologies so artists can work anywhere.

Agile Production Techniques

Our low-cost approach and use of emerging technology allow for rapid prototyping and iteration, which helps artists efficiently test ideas and bring their visions to life.

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